Your destination for high-quality Spray Nozzles, Tank washing heads,
Atomizers, Washing accessories, Industrial Filters and
Fire Extinguishing Systems in the Benelux Region

About us

Spraylab CL is a member of the Spraylab Group, which distributes qualified technical products worldwide.
Spraylab CL has the exclusive right to sell PNR Italia and SDM Antincendio products in the Benelux region and has been appointed to act as the official sales office for Tecomec and Sati Filtri products.



The products we market and supply include industrial spray nozzles, tank washing heads, atomizers, accessories&fittings for a large number of industrial industries.

Support for engineering design

We support our customers in designing industrial plants of all sizes, providing the most sophisticated solutions available on the market.


Our exclusive relationship with important players in Europe, allows us to access one of the most advanced measurement laboratories in the field of spray technology.

Countries we represent

We can serve Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Product range

All the products we can supply are available on the PNR Italia website, in the Catalogs and Brochures section.
We invite you to download their materials to have a complete view of all the products at your disposal. Our office is always available for customized projects and to advise you on your choices.

For more information about data, events, sector news, consult PNR Italia Magazine.

Other brands represented

In addition to PNR Italia, Spraylab Continental is the official distributor of other brands within the countries we represent: 

Water filtration technology
SATI S.r.l. is an Italian company founded in 1980 specializing in filtration and treatment of primary water, wastewater, and process water. It has rapidly developed a line of filters, wholly designed, manufactured, and tested within its own facility in Italy.

Fire extinguishing systems
SDM has been active in the fire-fighting sector since 2005, by designing, producing and installing hundreds of fire suppression systems that make use of gas, dry powder, water or foam. We currently offer a complete range of the highest technical level of fire suppression systems. A combination of the latest technical advancements in sprinklers and associated equipment that support modern water mist firefighting.

Quality, responsiveness and teamwork
Tecomec is based in Italy in Reggio Emilia, the cradle of farming and industrial development, and a region renowned worldwide for its top quality technology.
Tecomec is leader in High Pressure Washing Accessories, accessories and parts for industrial high pressure cleaners and washers.   

Non-toxic, powerful and degradable disinfectant 
Kirkmayer is a company that produces hypochlorous acid and, in particular, is a specialist in electrochemical activation (ECA) technology. ECA technology can be used for a wide range of applications in industries such as food and beverage, agriculture, and water treatment. 


Erik Verhoef

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